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Attendance Centre

This program is an "alternate to custody" program assisting at-risk young people who are in trouble with the law.

Nipissing Attendance Centre
Primary Location: 198 Second Avenue West, North Bay ON
Voice: (705) 472-9548
Fax: (705) 472-4851
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The Attendance Centre also operates satellite locations in Huntsville, Parry Sound and Sturgeon Falls, two days per week. French language services are available as required.

Program Description

The Attendance Centre is a co-ed community based program targeting at-risk youth who are in conflict with the law. The Attendance Centre provides supervised, structured, youth centered programming during the day, evening and/or weekends for youth ages 12-17.

The program addresses specific identified risk/need factors based on a goal oriented Case Management Plan that generally involves the youth, significant others, Probation Officer and Attendance Centre staff. It provides an individualized approach that addresses the underlying needs and problems of youth while maintaining a manageable risk level.

Programming is made available on a flexible schedule to prevent interference with a young person's employment or educational responsibilities. All locations are equipped with kitchen facilities in order to provide meals when needed or nutritional light snacks after school or during early evening.

Attendance programs partner with many community agencies to ensure the needs of youth and their families are met. Interventions focus on programming that promotes family involvement, community support, positive attitudes and behaviour, and the development of appropriate social skills.

A sample of topics addressed by the program are:

  • anger management
  • substance abuse
  • independent living skills
  • literacy skills
  • social skills training
  • problem solving and conflict resolution
  • bullying
  • relationship skills with family/friends.


 Youth may be referred to the Attendance Centre:

  • As a condition of a Probation Order to attend a non-residential program (s.42(2)(m) YCJA)
  • By a Probation Officer who believes that the youth fits the Attendance Centre client profile and would benefit from a period of intensive programming to address their individual needs.

Please forward any inquiries to the North Bay location. This program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.