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Futures: Youth Program

Futures is for young people over 16 who cannot live at home for a number of reasons. If you want to be part of Futures, you can call the program and we will meet with you to decide if you're a good fit. No referral or court order is necessary.

Futures Residence
1651 Cassells Street, North Bay On
Voice: (705) 476-4502
Fax: (705) 472-4409
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The Futures Residence is a 10-bed transitional housing residence program for young people over the age of 16. The program assists young men and women to become more responsible, self-reliant and independent.

Youth are required to participate in a productive day program such as attending school, working or searching for work. They are also required to participate in house programming including life skills, (meal preparation, house chores etc.) house meeting and 1 to 1 goal planning and counselling with staff.

Residents set specific and achievable goals during their stay and receive support and guidance from residential counsellors to attain them.

A supportive living and learning environment providing:

  • Goal setting assistance and support
  • Independent life skills training
  • One-on-one counselling
  • Interpersonal education
  • Co-operative living skills
  • Nutrition education
  • How to plan and prepare economical meals
  • Community awareness
  • 24 hour staff support and encouragement
  • Structured room and board

Futures' Residents:

  • Are young men and women aged 16 to 24
  • Are committed to individual goals
  • Are motivated to succeed
  • Are interested in learning independent living skills

How to apply: call 476-4502 to set up a tour and orientation appointment.